Strategic documents

Artback NT strategic documents are available for download in pdf format. Please see the list below.

Artback NT Annual Reports

Artback NT Annual Report 2015
Artback NT Annual Report 2014
Artback NT Annual Report 2013
Artback NT Annual Report 2012
Artback NT Annual Report 2011
Artback NT Annual Report 2010
Artback NT Annual Report 2009
Basket with carved birds and tree design, by Niningka Lewis

Niningka Lewis, Basket with Carved Birds and Tree Design, c.1999. Grass, raffia, wool, seeds, synthetic polymer paint on wood. 15 x 34.5cm (diameter). Photo courtesy Araluen Arts Centre. From the ReCoil exhibition.

Artback NT Strategic Plan

Artback NT Strategic Plan 2016-2020
Artback NT Disability Action Plan 2016
Artback NT Reconciliation Action Plan 2016
Artback NT National Cultural Policy Submission 2011
Artback NT Auspice Policy
Jason De Santis appears in the box on the set of the Democratic Set with Artback NT and Back to Back Theatre in Darwin, 2012. Photographer: Robyn McLean
Artback NT Capacity Statement

Artback NT's Capacity Statement outlines the work the organisation carries out across its four program streams and illustrates the scope of delivery across Australia.
Jess Ribero
Jess Ribeiro & the Bone Collectors – Alice Festival ClockOff Club, Photographer: Vanessa Hutchins.