Good Strong Powerful

Lance James, Untitled, 2010

Lance James, Untitled, 2010

In partnership with Arts Access Darwin, Good Strong Powerful showcased the extraordinary works that have been produced through art centres in the Northern Territory by established and emerging Indigenous artists with disabilities.

The exhibition included artists from

  • Ngaruwanajirri on Bathurst (Tiwi) Island
  • Mwerre Anthurre Artists, based at Bindi Inc. in Alice Springs and
  • Julalikari Arts in Tennant Creek.

The exhibition, curated by Penny Camptom aimed to be inclusive and to celebrate diverse artistic talent, raising the profile of artists who too often are placed into a narrow ‘art therapy’ model, despite their practice often being groundbreaking.

Good Strong Powerful brings recognition to a new direction in Indigenous art. In the remarkably rich field of contemporary Indigenous art, a new current of creativity has emerged that has already won wide acclaim… The aim of this exhibition is not to celebrate otherness through the category of Outsider Art but rather to acknowledge the difference and diversity of these artists within a broader, more inclusive definition of contemporary Indigenous art. These artists are neither marginalised nor outsiders. Their artistic truth stems from the same deep connections to people and place that is the wellspring of Aboriginal culture. As part of that moral and social order they belong to a society where everyone is allowed to do and be, without any labels or categories. Where, as artists, they are recognised for who they are and the contribution they make to the cultural life of their communities.

Dr Sylia Kleinert

Billy Benn Perrurle, Artetyerre, 2009

Billy Benn Perrurle, Artetyerre, 2009


Educational support material and resources are available for downloading from the links below.

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Good Strong Powerful Education Kit

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