Northern Impressions – A Celebration of Contemporary Printmaking

Wayne Eager, <i>Figurescape (State II)</i>, etching, 61.4 x 24.7cm Photos courtesy of Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin.

Wayne Eager, Figurescape (State II), etching, 61.4 x 24.7cm
Photo courtesy of Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin.
All photos courtesy of Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University, Darwin.

Northern Impressions is a vibrant celebration of Australian contemporary fine art prints, presented by Artback NT: Arts Development and Touring, in conjunction with Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University.

Northern Impressions takes its audience on a rich visual journey through the Australian landscape and into Aboriginal ‘country’, where the intrinsic connection that the exhibiting artists have to land is given powerful visual form through the medium of printmaking. The exhibition celebrates the highlights of recent artistic collaborations between some of Australia’s most talented artists and professional printmakers working at Northern Editions at Charles Darwin University.

Northern Impressions showcases 53 limited edition prints by artists from across the Top End, Central Australia, Mornington and Bentinck Islands and Kimberley regions. The exhibition reveals the beauty and diversity of artistic expression in these regions, each with their own distinct visual language. Produced with Northern Editions in Darwin since 2004, this selection of the printmaking studio’s finest prints will challenge and delight audience perceptions of the printmaking medium, displaying its limitless potential for collaborative virtuosity, technical excellence and luminous colour.

Daisy Bitting, <i>Gooyoorroo,</i> 2008

Daisy Bitting, Gooyoorroo, 2008, etching
50 x 33 cm (image) Collaborating printer: Gertjan Forrer
On loan courtesy of Northern Editions

Eubena Nampitjin, Midjul, 2007

Eubena Nampitjin, Midjul, 2007
etching, 59.5 x 39.5 cm (image) Collaborating printer: Sarah Dudley.
On loan courtesy of Warlayirti Artists


Minnie Lumai, <i>Yab-yab-gnerni-gnim (Sugarbag Dreaming),</i> 2008

Minnie Lumai, Yab-yab-gnerni-gnim (Sugarbag Dreaming), 2008,
etching 50 x 33cm (image) Collaborating printer: Eian Darmansjah.
On loan courtesy of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

An iconic Northern Territory art institution, Northern Editions is well known locally and nationally for the limited edition fine art prints it produces. The Northern Editions team of printmakers have been collaborating with Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to produce fine art prints since 1993 through the printmaking workshops they hold, which often take place in remote communities as well as at the Darwin studio. Together, printmakers and artists have collaborated to create prints that celebrate the strength, beauty and diversity of printmaking in northern Australia.

For more information about the exhibition please download and read the Northern Impressions catalogue.

Northern Impressions Image: Harry (Nabiru) Bullen, <i>Winpa</i> screenprint, detail

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