Kerjasama (Collaborate)
International reciprocal arts residency

Kerjasama, or ‘Collaborate’, is a reciprocal visual arts residency between an Indigenous Australian and an Indonesian artist. Two successful applicants complete a six week residency in Alice Springs, Australia followed by another six week residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Kerjasama was launched in 2014 through Asialink’s Arts Residency Laboratory, in partnership with Artback NT, Australia and Cemeti Art House, Indonesia.

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Kerjasama is supported by the Australian Government through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Arts NT.

Kerjasama 2016

The successful artists for Kerjasama 2016 are:

Tony Albert (NSW)
Over the past 10 years Tony Albert has achieved extraordinary visibility and critical acclaim for his practice that combines text, video, drawing, painting, and three-dimensional objects. Examining the legacy of racial and cultural misrepresentation, particularly of Australia’s Aboriginal people, Tony has developed a universal language that seeks to rewrite historical mistruths and injustice. In 2014 Tony was awarded the Basil Sellers Art Prize and the NATSIAA. In 2015 he conducted a prestigious residency at the ISCP, New York. Tony is represented by Sullivan & Strumpf, Sydney.

Timoteus Anggawan Kusno (Yogyakarta)
Timoteus Anggawan Kusno works with various mediums including drawing, photography, performance, video and installation. Through twists of magical and realistic elements embodied in his work, he investigates histories that can be reimagined. Nominated for Best Emerging Artist Using Drawing, Prudential Eye Award Contemporary Asian Art 2014, Timoteus was also commissioned as a concept artist for 2014 Indonesia’s Documentary Film Festival. In 2015 he was selected as a resident artist at ARCUS Project, Japan to conduct research and artistic experiments around ideas of remembering and forgetting.

Kerjasama 2015

The successful artists for Kerjasama 2015 were:

Karla Dickens (NSW)
Karla Dickens is a Wiradjuri woman. Her works are in the collections of museums, regional galleries and private collections, nationally and internationally. Karla’s work is informed by personal experience, gender politics and sexual preference, motherhood, a deep spiritualism and the difficulty of being an outsider in a culture as it reinvents itself and strives to survive. Karla’s totem, the eagle, and Indonesia’s cultural symbol, the Garuda, will be the starting point for her work during her residency at Cemeti House and Artback NT.

Doni Maulistya (Yogyakarta)
Doni Maulistya started his artistic journey as a photography-based artist and now works across art form. He has worked with Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Migrating Troop Theatre in Yogyakarta and has undertaken residencies and exhibited in Indonesia and Singapore. He is interested in history, tradition and dialectic dimensions between the old and the new. At Cemeti House and Artback NT, Doni will explore the relationship between visual and performing arts by connecting with local artists.

Kerjasama 2014

The pilot program of Kerjasama in 2014 brought Indonesian artist Akiq Abdul Wahid (Akiq AW) to Alice Springs for three months, hosted by Artback NT, while Indigenous Australian artist Reko Rennie produced work at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta.

Akiq AW’s work arising from the residency was exhibited at Watch This Space, Alice Springs in June 2014. Akiq undertook a further exhibition, which was an extension of his work completed during his residency, called Border v2.0 and showcased at the Chan Contemporary Artspace in Darwin.

The Order of Things - Akiq Abdul Wahid, Kerjasama Artist in Residence recipient

The Order of Things – Akiq Abdul Wahid


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